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How to Market your WordPress Website for Free

If you’ve just started a WordPress blog or website, you want everyone’s eyes to be on your content. You’ve worked so hard to create visuals and captivating words and you deserve to have some traffic flowing for your brand. Getting the word out can be daunting to some bloggers, but the truth is, marketing your WordPress website has become easier than ever before, and best of all, it’s free! With so many resources at no cost at all, you no longer have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to get your website noticed. Millions of people use these networks everyday and now you just need to extend yourself strategically to generate authentic traffic and future followers.


Email for Collaborations

Put your best click forward when it comes to working with others on collaborations that can help both parties generate their target audiences. When it comes to teaming up for a common goal, you’d be surprised by how many people would love to work with you on a collaboration.

This kind of marketing helps both contributors be seen by more readers and ultimately gain a new group of visitors to your website. It never hurts to ask, and with just one send of a friendly yet professional email, you can be opening the door to a new business relationship that can lead to several different opportunities.


Building an Email List

Most people fail to realize the impact that email has on producing traffic momentum. When you make your email list a priority, you’re allowing users to invite you into their lives and give them a reason to visit your site. With emails, you can be intentional with what you want to showcase to your audience and target what they need to see based on how they are engaging with your website or social media.

The more emails you have on your roster, the better chances of someone visiting your site that day and wanting to see more in the future. Studies show that 91% of people check their email daily, and with carefully crafted content, you’ll surely be able to get those subscribers back to your site in no time. Taking the time to focus on building an email list is just another way to market your website out. Give your visitors that one on one attention to make let them know that they are part of your community.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media has multiple levels to it, and it’s only going to continue to grow. The first step you have to do is narrow out what social media platforms your readers are on. The more you know about your readers, the more you will be able to interact and get them to your site.

With the top social media platforms being Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, those should be your top priorities when marketing your website. However, if there are specific networks that generate your target audience, change priorities to match your marketing needs.

For someone with a WordPress website, you can easily set up an automation where your posts can be generated to appear on your Facebook feed. This allows for easy distribution of your website without the hassle of toggling back and forth from different websites. It’s also a seamless plug for your Facebook followers to check out your website, subscribe with their email, and join the community!

This site traffic can also be generated through the help of Facebook Groups. With tightly niched groups based on a wide range of topics and issues, you can easily market your website to a following that’s already in motion. Take advantage of what’s already out there and let your website speak for itself. You’ve worked incredibly hard on your site, and you deserve all the eyes you can get on the content you’ve curated.

Social Media has certainly changed a lot over the years to assist businesses to generate authentic traffic and sales, it’s been a great tool and leads to a massive following. Consider Instagram and Pinterest to be roadmaps for followers to enter your website.

If used wisely, your website can certainly transform to be bigger than you ever could have dreamed. No matter how many followers you may have on your profile to start, there’s a real opportunity to gain new readers for your website. From the use of hashtags and keywords, you can cultivate a wave of new visitors through posts and stories, all without having to create brand new content. Especially for business accounts on Instagram, you’ll be able to receive more insight into your followers and make predictions for what you should focus on in the future.

Instagram and Pinterest have truly changed the game when it comes to being able to highlight your website. With the help of a URL plugin on profile pages, as well as new updates such as “Guides,” you can give sneak peeks into content and guide followers to check out your website. Creating a buzz with story polls for future ideas or fun visuals can be the interaction you need to build the community you want.

Pinterest can be used in the same way by making your website pinnable and engage with fellow pinners. From staying active on Pinterest and making engaging boards, you can integrate your business seamlessly to build a following and get people to check out your incredible site.

YouTube is also a fantastic social media platform to help promote your website. Especially for those who create a lot of show and tell content, YouTube creates ways to lead viewers to your website. With each video posted on the platform, it has the opportunity to be shared and viewed by millions and with their description box feature, you can place the URL of your website to direct potential readers to your website. It’s the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to marketing your site!

Wrap Up

In a day and age where people are spending on average at least 6 hours per day on screens, there’s so much potential in ensuring that your website is something they are viewing during that time. You’ve already put in the work in creating a captivating website that is both informative and user friendly, so your main focus needs to be doing all you can to get the word out there. Lucky for you, with so many platforms and marketing tools to help boost your views, it’s only a matter of time before you have all eyes on your website


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