How To Connect ConvertKit To Genesis eNews Extended

How To Connect ConvertKit To Genesis eNews Extended. This tutorial will show you how to add an email newsletter opt-in form to WordPress, using Convertkit and the free Genesis eNews Extended plugin.

Convertkit is awesome in that it provides an easy way to embed forms and landing pages into your site. However, you may want more styling options.

Many Genesis Child Themes have gorgeous styling for email sign up forms built-in, (ours do!) too.

How To Connect ConvertKit To Genesis eNews Extended
Genesis eNews Extended with Theme Styling

To keep this branding throughout your blog you can choose to use the plugin Genesis News Extended with your theme rather than the default ConvertKit forms.

ConvertKit Email Sign Up Form

1 | Create Your List

In order to add an email sign up form to your site, you’ll first need to create an account with an email marketing provider.

There are also other email marketing providers for all budgets such as Mailchimp or GetResponse and my favorite: FloDesk!

In this tutorial, I’ll be walking you through how to connect ConvertKit.

2 | Genesis eNews Extended

1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New

2. Install and activate the plugin Genesis eNews Extended

3 | Connect Your List

1. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets

How To Connect ConvertKit To Genesis eNews Extended

2. Drag the widget “Genesis eNews Extended” to your desired location such as the Primary Sidebar widget.

How To Connect ConvertKit To Genesis eNews Extended

3. Log back into Convertkit in a new browser tab.

Get started by navigating to Forms > Add New Form > Choose ‘Form’ > Choose ‘Inline’ > choose ‘Clean’ design > Save

4. View the form by clicking “View.” Your form will open in a new window.

5. Copy the URL
For example, my form URL is

6. Paste the URL into the ‘Form Action’ field of the Genesis eNews extended widget AND add ‘/subscribe.html’ to the end of your URL.
For example, my form’s URL would now be

If you need any help regarding this, please contact your email marketing provider directly so that can give you specific support and instruction.

How To Connect ConvertKit To Genesis eNews Extended

7. To add a ‘First Name’ field, type ‘first_name’ and to add an ‘E-Mail Address’ field, type ’email’

8. Save!

Ta-Da! Your Opt-In Form Is Ready

Now your email opt-in is configured, all new subscribers’ email addresses will get pushed to your list!

(It is always a good idea to check this though, by going to the front end of your site and signing up yourself)

If you would like to add multiple email opt-in forms throughout your site; the set up for each opt-in widget form is exactly the same.

Delivering an Opt-in Freebie with ConvertKit

1. From your Convertkit dashboard, navigate to Forms > choose your form > Setting.

Connect ConvertKit To wordpress blog

The ‘Main Settings’ is where you can choose what happens after a user subscribes to your form. (Choose to show a success message, or redirect the subscriber to another page!)

2. Next, Scroll down to the ‘Incentive Email’ Settings.  This is the email that sends when someone subscribes to your Form, also known as a confirmation email.

Connect ConvertKit To Genesis eNew Extended

3. Now you can upload a lead magnet file such as freebie ebook, checklist or PDF.

4. Save and your lead magnet will be delivered every time someone subscribes to that form!

Creating & Designing Opt-ins

Not sure how to actually create and design your lead magnet?

We’ve been designing some gorgeous templates to easily get your lead magnet launched and looking lovely!

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