The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

There are thousands of potential plugins that can be used to maximize your website and enhance both the look and credibility of your brand. But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones you should be using. For bloggers, it’s important only to have the essential plugins for your website.

When you get plugin happy and have poorly designed plugins, it can result in slower site speed as well as a virtual headache for visitors. WordPress is an incredible website generator with an array of plugins that truly enhance your blogs’ functionality. Whether you’re a large blog with a massive following or just starting out, these plugins are a perfect way to add features to blogs of all kinds and best of all, they’re easy to use!



As one of the best drag and drop WordPress Page builder plugins, Elementor offers bloggers unlimited customization options with a simple plop and drop model for easy installation. With both a free and pro option, you can create a website with endless possibilities without having to research coding knowledge. Elementor is especially useful for those who are not tech-savvy but know exactly what you want to have for your website. If you can visualize it, you can create it with this fantastic plugin and showcase your best work for your audience.

Genesis eNews extended (collecting emails for your email list)

Get those emails flowing with one of the best solutions for gaining subscribers and building your community. With the Genesis eNews Extended Plugin, you won’t have to hassle with a separate resource to create an email list. Through WordPress, you can easily create a new widget that easily adds mailing list integration for easy entries. For bloggers of all different niches, it’s important to grow your following and make sure to keep everyone updated on your latest posts. By using the Genesis eNews Extended plugin, it will be a real game-changer in how you collect emails and plan for your future posts.


Simple Social Icons

Optimize your website by integrating your social media platforms and give your audience multiple ways to view your content. Simple Social Icons is easy to use and a great way to customize and display icons that connect your visitors to your social media platforms.

When linking your social media to your website, it’s essential to make sure that it goes with the overall aesthetic that your brand already has. Without sticking out like a sore thumb, Simple Social Icons creates a seamless addition to your website while providing a sidebar widget. In a wide variety of platforms, choose to connect what you need, and encourage users to follow you on all social media networks.

Rank Math SEO (help with SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) can get pretty tricky when it comes to blogging with new and emerging technology systems. It’s hard to get ahead of what’s the best to market your blog to be seen by visitors. If you’re someone who doesn’t know much about entering keywords or even how to begin the thought process on such a task, Rank Math is the perfect solution for your blog post needs.

Developed by the WordPress team, Rank Math is a fantastic SEO plugin that assists in adjusting SEO for individual pieces of content. Simply plug-in focus keywords and see how optimized your content is based on what you’ve written. With an easy setup and simple to use features, Rank Math will have your SEO in top-notch shape for quality positioning for your website.


As a professional blogger, you have to be on top of how your website is performing, and even if you’re just starting out in the blog world, this free plugin gives you the functionalities you need for your WordPress website. With visitor engagement modules such as site stats, related posts, ads, clicks, and referrers from your other websites and social media, you’ll know so much more information about your audience, which will be critical in a future posting. When using Jetpack, you can select the different features you want to activate and, based on your needs, can monitor them accordingly. Best of all, it’s free to download and will completely change how you use it to track engagement.




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