3 Simple Ways To Streamline Content Creation

Are you overwhelmed with blogging and in need of ideas for ways to streamline content creation?

Good, because today I’d like to share 3 tips for publishing blog content that I’ve learned which I thought might be helpful to you too.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Streamline Content Creation Tip #1: Batch Tasks

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A batch day is an entire day dedicated to ONE task. A day where you’ll focus on doing one thing and nothing else. This could be one day for writing blog posts, or one day to schedule your all social media content.

When you have your content scheduled ahead of time, you don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s done and sorted!

And you get to free up your energy on projects you’re excited about; maybe you’ve really been wanting to explore Pinterest, or you’d love to focus on incorporating affiliate streams into your existing content.

Interested in creating your own batch days and FINALLY making time for the tasks that always slip through the cracks?

If this idea interests you, I encourage you to think about what kind of batch days you could create!

Batch days are perfectly suited to tasks that you do regularly / that you forget to do / that take a long time.

For example, on my blogging day, I do nothing but write blog posts, create the blog graphics and images, and schedule the posts in WordPress. I don’t do any design work, product creation or anything else.

Why is it better to have one ‘batch day’ dedicated to this instead of handling my blog posts here and there?

I’ve found there are 2 main benefits to batching:

1) Having a batch day stops you from leaving these tasks until the last minute… or if you’re like me, making an excuse for why I can ‘skip’ this week’s post when I realize it’s already 6pm.

2) Batch days allow you to really focus on one thing and streamline that task. I’ve found that when I get in the grove, I’m way more productive. I’m not thinking about all the things I could create.

..Or build, or things I can’t forget. So the quality of work that I produce is higher because I’m really focused in the present moment.

Streamline Content Creation Tip #2: Use a Headline Swipe File

I love using swipe file headlines to easily think of post titles. It’s so disheartening to write an awesome post that you’ve poured your heart into but it gets hardly any shares because the titles lacking, and just doesn’t do your awesome post justice!

Using a headline swipe file allows you to easily come up with catchy, click-worthy titles. These are also a great place to start when brainstorming post ideas!

  • # Tools that help me to <>
  • The do’s and don’ts of <>
  • How I did <> in # days
  • What every <> ought to know about <>
  • # Reasons to do <>
  • # Ways to <>
  • # Secrets to <>
  • How to <> in # days
  • Best practices to <>
  • # things I‘ve learned from doing <>
  • The ultimate list of <> for <>
  • Everything I wish I knew about <> when I started

These are just some ideas, you could also brainstorm and create your own list that you can constantly refer back too.


Streamline Content Creation Tip #3: Sharing On Auto-Pilot

After you publish a blog post, the next step is to share the post on social media. This is usually pretty easy and straightforward.

BUT you can use an app to automate all of this for you and automatically share your post after it’s published.

I’m a big fan of technology that is passive and Set + Forget, so naturally, I love this and thought you might too

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free service that allows your apps to work together through automation that you set up once and will run on auto-pilot.

The service connects most apps, including social media channels and WordPress – this is where it gets cool, you can ask IFTTT to automatically share your published blog post anywhere you wish.

Post Automation Ideas:

WordPress Post > Facebook Post – Automatically share your blog post to Facebook
WordPress Post > Twitter – Automatically tweet your blog post
WordPress Post > Pinterest Board – Automatically pin your blog post to a Pinterest board
Wordpress Post > Evernote Notebook – Automatically archive blog posts in Evernote


I hope these 3 tips; using batching, headline swipe files and automatically sharing your posts are helpful and possibly provide some ideas of how you can streamline your content creation process!

Enjoy this article and find it helpful?

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