8 Different Types Of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

Did you know that there are many different types of websites you can create with WordPress?

When you hear “WordPress” you might only think of blogs, but WordPress can be used to create all kinds of websites.

As it’s extremely adaptable and can be used for any type of website!

For a little inspiration, here are 8 different kinds of websites you can create with WordPress.

examples of different types of websites you can create with wordpress

8 Different types of websites you can create with WordPress

Online Store

lindley chic theme sugar and code feminine wordpress template 2000

Lindley theme


Atelia theme

WordPress is becoming a go-to solution for building online stores and eCommerce websites. The free full-featured plugin Woocommerce powers 25% of all online stores on the web!

You can accept payments, and manage customers, inventory, shipping and taxes.

Or you can simply integrate a third party such as SendOwl and turn your site into a money-making online store.

Personal Website

8 Different Kinds Of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

Social Stand Out theme

Whether your a blogger or freelancer and wish to uplevel your brand or career, a personal website is a great asset.

Some ideas for a personal website could be:  a resume website, personal blog, an online home to display your social media accounts and grow your email list, or just a place to display your creative projects.

It’s definitely a type of website that you can let it evolve as you do!

Portfolio Website


Collective theme

A portfolio website allows you to showcase your freelance projects, creative projects, clients you’ve worked with, a curated body of work or as a career portfolio for hiring managers as a leg up for your next job.

Business Website


Coffee House Divi layout

Of course, it’s recommended any and all businesses have a website that showcases their products and services online to their potential customers.

Businesses of all sizes use WordPress (just because it’s open-source doesn’t mean it’s not awesome) including big name brands and companies.


Bondi feminine wordpress theme travel blog layout 2000c

Bondi theme

Blogs allow you to tell your story, build relationships, attract an audience, establish authority in your chosen niche, build a community and engagement, create opportunities and make money!

Creative Business Site

bella beauty feminine wordpress theme design

Bella Beauty theme

Run your e-commerce shop alongside your creative content business. Are you a creative entrepreneur? Are you an influencer? Sell a digital product?

Bella Beauty theme is a perfect combination of eCommerce functionality and style.


Landing Page


Chloe Coming Soon theme

Landing pages are specific websites or web pages that are used to offer and promote your products and services and connect with your audience about your offers at a later date.

Useful for promotions, lead magnets and opt-ins.



Marketify theme

A peer-to-peer community marketplace (think eBay) can be created with WordPress, including customer and vendor management, accounts and split commissions.

A bit more involved than creating any other website but it’s still a very cool (and profitable) business concept.

I hope these 8 websites you can create with WordPress has you inspired you and to perhaps create something awesome for yourself!

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