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Our pre-designed and fully customizable templates have been created to help save you time, uplevel your brand and you grow your audience!

The templates are designed for use with Canva, the best free online editing software. No additional software is required!

Canva is an awesome online graphic design app, that allows you to (quickly!) design stunning and consistent graphics using their drag and drop builder.

Canva offers both a free account and a paid account, but of course all of the templates can be used with the free plan.

The graphics in general, are designed with simple colors and feminine imagery, but I recommend adding in your own brand’s colors, fonts and imagery to make the templates your own!

Enjoy X


Access Canva Templates

Access your template

1. Click here to sign up / login to

2. In the download PDF that comes with your purchase, find the Access Template Link

3. After clicking the link, select “file” > “make a copy” inside of canva

IMPORTANT – Please do not edit the original template.

You must select “file” > “make a copy” inside of canva or it will edit the template for everyone else!

If you accidentally edit the template before making a copy, please let us know so that we can fix it.

Edit The Canva Templates

Canva Tips + help

Zoom In + Out

To easily zoom in and out while editing your template, use the shortcut Control/Command + (zoom in) and Control/Command – (zoom out)

Download Graphics

To save and download the image to your computer, click on the Download button from the status bar and then select the file type you’d like to save it as.


File Formats

JPEG is the standard file format for web images. They are well suited to images are they contain lots of colors and the format uses commision to reduce file size. Any image or picture is best suited as a Jpeg file.

PNG is better suited to any graphic design elements as the quality is higher and they allow for transparent backgrounds. Any icon, logos or cutout images with transparent backgrounds are best suited as a PNG file.


Download Lead Magnet PDF Files

To save and download the PDF file to your computer, click on the Download button from the status bar and then select “PDF – Print (Recommeneded)”

PDF – Workbook / Checklist / Cheatsheet / Lead Magnet
Download > File Type: “PDF – Print (Recommeneded)” > All Pages

Download Lead Magnet Thumnail Image

If you wish to create a thumnail image to promote your lead magnet (rather than the pdf)

JPG – Image Thumbnail
Download > File Type: “JPEG” > Page: 1

Canva Help

For more help using Canva, please see Canva’s own Knowledge Base and Tutorials.

Opt-in Freebie Toolkit

Getting started with a list

In order to offer an opt-in freebie to your subscirbers in exchange for their email address, you will need to create an account with an email marketing provider.

If you don’t already have an email marketing provider, I recommend MailerLite (free) or ConvertKit (premium)

MailerLite is a great place to get started if you’re beginning to grow an email list. It’s free to get started with under 1000 subscribers and they offer very affordable plans and features as you list grows!
Get Started with MailerLite

ConvertKit is in my opinion the best email marketing software designed for bloggers. It has a beautiful intuitive interface, allows for unlimited email sending and has all the features you could possibly need!
Get Started with ConvertKit

Creating an email list (even if your blog or brand has just launched) is a really important step! In fact it’s the #1 tip you hear successful blogger’s say they wish they had started from day 1! 

So even if you don’t plan on sending out any newseletters yet, you can and should sign up by signing up for a free account and letting your list build up in the background for when you want it to leverage it (and there will be a time you will want to!)

What opt-in freebie should I create?

The Opt-in freebie you wish to create will be completely up to you, what you wish to offer and what you’re audience would find valuable. 

With that being said, here are a few tips I have learned based on my experience:

  • Specific to 1 main idea
  • Quick and easy to consume (a checklist or cheatsheet is perfect!)
  • Offers instant gratification and a  ‘quick win’
  • Idealy leads to a similar existsing or future paid offer or product

You can also think about…

What’s your take on your niche / blog topic(s) and how are they different from the norm?

What are your most popular posts and can you reformat the content for a checklist or cheatsheet?

What does someone need to know before they buy from you?

Shop lead magent designs

Not sure how to actually create and design your lead magnet?

We’ve been designing some gorgeous templates to easily get your lead magnet launched and looking lovely! 

Feel free to browse our new Etsy Shop for all the styles!

How to Deliver Your Opt-in freebie PDF

Configuration will depend on your email marketing provider.

Please see your providers’ own tutorial for a step by step guide on how to deliver your Opt-in PDF to your subscribers:

MailerLite Tutorial

ConvertKit Tutorial

Mailchimp Tutorial: Part 1 | Part 2

GetResponse Tutorial

ConvertKit Tutorial

If you need any help regarding this, please contact your email marketing provider directly so that can give you specific support and instruction.


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