How to Overcome Blogging Advice Overwhelm: Listen To Your Intuition

Do you listen to your intuition to guide you in creating your new blog? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the varied blogging advice out there?

There is undoubtedly an avalanche of blogging tips and advice online. And not everyone has the right answers. So much so that I believe it’s actually a hindrance than help sometimes.

And for some new bloggers, all the blogging advice can actually promote procrastination and second-guessing.

1. Seek Expert Advice From Books And Courses From Reputable Creators

This knowledge is legit and is usually very similar content to the author’s premium course or coaching (if they offer that).

Don’t discount the content within a book because of the price. Books have a low perceived value, whereas courses have a higher perceived value and therefore are priced accordingly.

How to Overcome Blogging Advice Overwhelm Tips

Also, consider the author’s agenda. Is the goal of a book is to provide mass-market value, build credibility and an engaged audience and make a great consistent income for the author and publishing company. Yes, the profit margins are low but the reach can be enormous which can equal big payoffs.

Q: What would you do differently if you were to start a new blog/online business today (and couldn’t leverage your existing audience)?

A: First I would limit the advice I take from all the gurus online. Second I would listen to my intuition more.

-From the book The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers

There’s also another element at play here, and it’s kinda critical to be aware of – and it’s that most advice online is actually someone’s sales funnel.

…It isn’t pure advice, they have an agenda. And the agenda is to mix value with persuasion (and some scare tactics) to purchase their premium offer.

2. Listen To Your Intuition

Of course, no one knows what’s best for you, other than YOU!

You’ll be surprised by the ‘advice’ because it’s usually fun AND delivers big results in hindsight.

How To Listen To Your Intuition

How do you listen to your intuition? I have 3 ideas for you:

Idea One: Try meditation and listen for inspiration

Try meditating in the morning and be still.

“It [meditation] requires focus on something other then the things you’re usually worried about. During that time of setting time every day to quiet your mind, your vibration is shifting. Your resistant options, that were keeping good things from you were that were hindering you in that way became less and less active and therefore less and less of a player in your vibrational point of attraction, so that what you’ve been asking for has an easier path in. Because you stopped practicing the blockage of the path. That’s was meditation does.” -Abraham Hicks

I don’t believe you have to remove all thoughts because soon you’ll [have thoughts and ideas] start receiving inspiration in the form of thoughts or feelings. And if you follow this inspiration, these can be gold.

Idea Two: Write To Your Intuition

Write to your intuition. This way of accessing your intuition is actually really cool and especially powerful if you’re skeptical and/or feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed.

The practice is simple: go to a quiet spot and write out the questions you have and wait to hear the responses that come to you from within.

Then just free write. It’s like journaling, but you are just asking questions and writing down the responses you hear inside.

Mind you, you aren’t personally answering the questions with your ego/stream of consciousness. You want to wait and listen for the response to come.

Don’t think too much about the answer – just write it all out. (you’ll get to read it and analyze it afterward)

I did this a little while ago when I was feeling stuck and I thought I’d share the exact transcript to highlight the exercise (You’ll notice it’s more feeling-based then strategic!)

This is very vulnerable to share this but I think it demonstrates the power in this type of experice and I hope this is helpful in some way- if you’re interested, keep reading, otherwise skip down past the convo to idea three.

Ideas for writing to your intuition Q&A

you may want to ask yourself some questions like this, and see what answers pop into your head.

Q: Am I on the right track? What do I need to know?
1. Cut cords with the past. Also, stay in your lane. Don’t look at what anyone else is doing.
Emanate your vibe & you’ll attract it.

2. Trust your path. You are supported

3. Let your light shine. Trust intuition. Meditate, play and do what lights you up! Alignment before action – when you can’t stop yourself.

Q: I’ve clearly been procrastinating a lot. Why?
You’re making it too big. You can see the full-blown manifestation of it and it’s intimidating. Just start where you are and enjoy the journey.

Q: What do I start with?
Let it be fun. It’s a passion project – try not to make it rigid and plan ect. Don’t hustle, don’t force. Just go for love.

The second is a Q&A about my main business

Q: What would you have me know about this subject?

Q: About what?
Find enthusiasm. Play. Feel into what feels good.

Q: How do I grow my income?

Q: How would you have me allow?
Really feel into the good vibes & FEEL IT. Enjoy the feeling. Feel into where it’s meaningful & share that! That’s where the power is.

Idea Three: Get outside, relax and Play

Maybe the most effective and fun option is to have a question in mind, then let it go and get outside!

Go for a walk, go for a swim, be in nature and have fun. I always have my best ideas after I go for a walk. Getting outside actually needs to be a part of our biz strategy!

To wrap upI believe; take everyone else’s advice with a grain of salt. It’s your business, you make the rules and you get to design it any way you wish.

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