what if your web skills no longer discouraged you, but empowered you?
what if you logged into your website feeling clued-in & confident?

You’d no longer get frustrated easily, but feel clarity understanding how the back-end of your site works. You wouldn’t need to hire a web developer, you’d feel clued-in how to add new features as your site evolves! You’d feel confident and empowered managing, editing and updating your site yourself. You’d have so much more energy freed up for actually working on bringing your goals to life!

Build a Blog Babe

Online video course to learn how to build and launch your own blog (without the confusion) this weekend!

“Fantastic course especially for new users to WordPress. I knew very little about creating a site, I’d bought a template and didn’t know how to use it. You have really made this journey much easier than I thought. I was such a technophobe before this, I’d always really wanted to do a blog but didn’t think I would ever have the knowledge so a huge thank you coming your way.” -Jo

Womens Wicked WordPress

Purchase any website template and receive the course ($147.00 value) for free as our gift! Limited time only.

All the skills needed to create and manage your website, designed for female entrepreneurs, brands, bloggers and business owners. After completing the course you’ll understand how your site works and confidently use it to your advantage, you’ll know how to use it, edit it, update it AND adapt it as your brand evolves (without hiring a developer!)

“There are not enough thanks in the world to give you for helping me out!  When I initially got wordpress last year, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I was completely lost. Until I found your blog. You have literally saved me from that fog of confusion that often shrouds a novice like me! I am loving Womens Wicked WordPress! It’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do – walking me through and empowering me to keep going!” -Hadassah

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