I help creatives and passionate entrepreneurs stand out online through stunning and strategic web design

So you can leverage your blog or biz to create the life you love!

Make Your First Impression Count!

You owe it to yourself (and your audience) to help as many people as you can with your knowledge, products or services.

How? With your website!

A beautiful, well thought out website is every bit as important as the content you are creating – it’s the framework that holds your content, enhances it and establishes it.

I’ve developed a series of creative processes to help you build and launch a stunning website (even if you’re not a designer) and teach the skills to manage and update your site yourself!


My Manifesto for Conscious Business Desire Map Style


To inspire women to design + live their best lives … by creating tech tools that empower women to publish their passion, speak their truth, inspire and uplift.


Freedom . Creativity . Authenticity . Empowerment

Hey there! I’m Jess

I’m a Web Designer & Developer, Digital Nomad, Spirit Junkie.

In 2013 I sold everything I owned and moved from Australia to Bali, to take back my quality of life. Now, I help women launch their own website as the framework for their own entrepreneurial journey and lifestyle business!

I really believe (and feel) women are being called to stand in their power, speak their truth and go after their own dreams.

This is why i’m so passionate about teaching women how to create their own site because it’s the foundation of everything online – passion project, entrepreneurship or independence.

You never know what opportunities you’ll create for yourself or where it could lead you!

Cheering you on,

XX Jess

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